It's Hard To Inspire When Your Not Inspired.

When it comes to motivation and performance, progress is key for success. Without that feeling of ‘we’re getting there’ it can be tough to bounce out of bed each day and model the behaviour you expect from others.

If you’re like most people, you think ‘this will pass’, so you resolve to work harder and do better. But you remain stuck, spinning your wheels, and it feels like the harder you work, the harder work gets.

I Will Help You Play To Your Full Potential

Have you ever noticed how the highest performers in EVERY realm have their own coaches:

  • Adelle has a singing coach (his name is Ron Anderson),
  • Lebron has a skills coach (his name is Idan Ravin)
  • Steve Jobs had a business coach (his name was Bill Campbell).  

No one achieves excellence alone.

As a performance strategist, I combine world-leading technology with time-tested methodology to help you do two things. First we boil down your big dreams to create a clear pathway to success. Then we construct a daily architecture of excellence that literally pulls you toward your goals.

What Are My Credentials?

If by now you realize having a coach is crucial if your goal is smooth success, you’re probably wondering if I’m for real. If I were you I’d be looking for someone with qualifications and experience, so here’s a little about me.

When I was eighteen I missed out on selection for a team I badly wanted to be in. This hurt, so I worked obsessively to overcome my perceived shortcomings, this led me to a career in elite sport as a performance coach. My first day on the job was the day I realised I knew nothing about performance. Performance is more than an intervention; it is an attitude, an outlook, an approach. (read more about my story here..)

What Others Say:

Terry is a global, strategic thinker with a unique talent for developing people. His unique outlook helps others consider alternative perspectives and often sparks innovative solutions to complex problems.          - Steve Hocking General Manager of Football (Geelong Cats)

Why I Started This Site.   

I started this site and my service because I got frustrated with all the armchair experts who seem to do more preaching than teaching. Information that does not lend itself to application is useless. I wanted to share the tools, tricks and tips I learned in the trenches alongside the worlds best, and distill it to help people actually create change.

Three Reasons You and I Should Talk.

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Take the handbrakes off, and get out of your own way.
Develop discipline in the right things bla bla

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I am quite selective about who I take on as a client for a couple of reasons:  Firstly, I am results driven, this means I work best with others   who match my commitment to success. My clients don’t pay me for my time, they pay me for results.  
Secondly,  as a coach what I do matters more than what I say. If I burn the candle at both ends coaching hundreds of clients trying to ‘hustle’ my way to 'success' I only find mediocrity, and that it what I will be teaching my clients.