The quest


The world of elite sport can be tough and uncompromising, it is the proving ground for some of the planets most ambitious and driven individuals. Talent is never enough, and only the great are remembered.


The highest performers symbolise the possibilities of excellence, the champion team and those within it work tirelessly to overcome their limitations and develop their capabilities to such a level that they begin to symbolise mastery.


The observation of mastery demonstrates what is possible in ones life, work and existence, and can serve as a significant inspiration for those who look beyond the outcomes.  The much publicised result is often just the tip of the iceberg and the majority of what is important is not always obvious and as a result, can often be overlooked.


This site is dedicated to demystifying the world of elite performance, and distilling what can can be learned from someone who’s life, learning and career has been focused solely on looking deeper into the water to first perceive and then explore the whole iceberg and all that it entails.