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Tools and tips to master your
craft and carve your own path.


Are you working hard, but
making little progress?

No matter how talented and committed you are, without a clear and compelling strategy it’s difficult to know where to spend your time and energy.

Without clarity, it can be easy to spread yourself thin across many projects. Eventually, a lack of progress leaves you feeling overwhelmed, scattered, and exhausted.

 I will help you find your sweet
spot for success.

 Success leaves clues, here’s an important one: the ability to consciously create your future starts with understanding your true nature. 

I will show you how to apply this clue, and others. This will help you focus your energies, build momentum and make good decisions. Then you can avoid common mistakes and achieve real results. (read more)


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 “I have worked with coaches who are book smart, but have not lived their advice. Terry has done it and been doing it for a long time with some very high performers, I found his content and advice extremely practical and relevant. This helped me generate significant positive change in my business and my life.” 

Yen Tran. 

Director (Vim & Co.)

Yen Tran

 Hi I am Terry Condon.

 After a decade working with elite athletes and teams, I learned plenty about what separates the best from the rest. 

On my first day, I realised that like most of us I had it all wrong. From that point forward I resolved to learn and observe everything I could (read more)

 “Terry is a global, strategic thinker with a unique talent for developing people. His unique outlook helps others consider alternative perspectives and often sparks innovative solutions to complex problems.” 

Steve Hocking. 

(General Manager of Football - Geelong Cats)


 The purpose of this site

 The truth is, I started this site to solve my own problem. I had stalled in my own career and was searching for answers. 

As I searched I found more seekers just like me. These people told other people and soon those others were asking for my help. These interactions highlighted how hard it is to find information that lends itself to action. I started this site to fill that gap (read more).

 “Terry has a great ability to apply his extensive education and experience to my circumstances. He helped me identify and leverage the practices and patterns high achievers share to create clarity, direction and progress in my own career.” 

Ryan Monaghan. 

(Financial Planner)

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 Terry is a performance strategist. After a decade working with elite athletes and teams, Terry has developed a unique understanding of what separates the best from the rest. A speaker, coach and consultant to organisations and individuals looking to level up and master their craft.