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If you already recognise that your organisations performance is a reflection of engagement you are in the right place.

This site and my work is ultimately about equipping leaders with the resources and tools to power new levels of commitment and capacity from their people – without having to become someone different.

My Story: From Performance Expert to Business Advisor

I was fortunate enough to land my dream job right out of university. My obsession with learning and applying my knowledge (combined with a little luck) created an opportunity to become on of the youngest performance coaches in the country. As exciting as this was, on my first day i realised it came with its own challenges.

At times I was almost a decade younger than those I would be coaching, and though I was more than confident in my expertise, my introverted nature meant that I could not necessarily wow anyone with my vibrant personality.  I realised in order to succeed and lead others, I would need to learn how to earn and build trust.

I began closely observing the best leaders around me, while studying effective leaders from all kinds of fields. I used my work as a kind of laboratory for answering the question: how to do effective leaders set the stage for improved performance and success? As my own understanding improved, my results and reputation followed.

My Experience In Sport..

Stepping Out

After a decade working with some of Australia’s highest profile organisations and athletes, I had accumulated a new kind of expertise. Eventually I decided I wanted to help others like me. This led me to begin studying business and eventually complete an MBA. The ability to translate performance principles from sport to a variety of business contexts helps my clients understand how to get out of themselves and their people in service of their mission.

My Experience In Business..

The Ram Story

When people ask me how I work, I tell them the following story..

When I was about 8 years old, I watched a movie about cowboys. I grew up on a farm, but since we had no bulls I asked my parents if i could ride a ram instead. They laughed and said, ‘sure..if you can catch one you can ride it!’

I went out to the paddock and tried using a makeshift lasso I made from a piece of rope. After about half an hour running around after rams I realised that wasn’t going to work, but then I had a better idea..

I realized that the rams loved grazing near the one tree in that paddock, and so I made my lasso very big and hung it from the tree. I then carefully herded the flock to the tree. Sure enough, one ram stuck his head in the lasso.

I ran to the tree and untied the rope, the ram took off with the noose around its neck. I could grab the rope, but it would charge me as soon as I got a hold of it.

I had to run inside and get my mum to help me. I said ‘hey mum you know how you said I could ride a ram if I catch one… well I caught one but now it’s angry.

I did eventually get to ride a ram but we let that one go 🙂

The takehome? I like solving hard problems, and usually take an unconventional approach.

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