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Do Your Customers Shop Around?

Business can be a scrap when your customers are forever shopping around, comparing prices and ‘keeping you on your toes’. If you tick one or more of the boxes below, chances are you and or your staff are overlooking one critical element that can mean the difference between surviving and thriving:

  • Your staff spend alot of time haggling over fees
  • Your business don’t generate as many referrals as you’d like
  • Your customer churn is much higher than the industry average

Trying to Convince People Can be Costly and Consuming

Spending most of your time and energy trying to sell prospects or just ‘keeping customers happy’ can be exhausting and deflating. When you’re in this place it can be hard to build the kind of long lasting relationships the best businesses are built upon. These relationships do not happen by fluke. However, there is a science to service satisfaction.

 will help you convert and keep more customers

Most experts continue to sell information instead of advice. In a hyper connected world, information is no longer scarce or valuable. But advice is. An advisor tailors their approach to individual, experts do not. The mentor method is an innovative communications model that shows you how to transform fence sitters into raving fans.

Here’s just some of what we will cover..

How you might actually be blocking leads before they even walk in the door.
Why your sales skills can actively work against your success.
How to rapidly build trust in the first meeting- without resorting to cliche' persuasion tactics.
A method to identify how your prospect likes to receive information, so you can share your expertise in a way that works.
The four step framework that transforms a prospect into a believer and gets them into action.

This is why it matters

When your staff internalise the mentor method, they will shift from technical expert to trusted advisor in the mind of your consumer. Once your staff become trusted advisors to their clients, there is little need to justify fees, compete with others or convince customers to stay. In the end it all boils down to three key business outcomes:

Improved Performance

Success begets success. When your staff develop their skills using the Mentor Method, confidence follows. The thing about confidence is, it is contagious.

More Stability

With consistency comes stability.  More stability in business generally means better business decisions and higher quality deals. When we are not in survival mode, it is easier to thrive.

Higher Margins

A higher margin gives you more room to breathe. The best companies use high margins to continue to evolve their offering and stay one step ahead of their competitors.

Is this just another Persuasion Workshop?

No. I don’t believe people can be persuaded, but they can be deceived. This is not about misrepresenting yourself or doing anything slimy to make a sale. This is about building the skills and sense to be able to recognise and honour the person standing in front of you. When you are able to do this, people sell themselves.

Here’s What People Are Saying..

Three Ways To Engage

  • You are looking for some inspiration and guidance, but are keen to implement yourself.
  • You want to preach or reinforce a message related to customer service, but have it come from a different voice.
  • You want to start a fruitful conversation among your staff

60 min keynote. In this presentation your staff will learn the core models in the mentor method, and how they apply in within the context of your business and its industry.

Prize giveaway.
During our discovery call we will come up with a simple prize for giveaway during/after the presentation. This prize can reinforce the core message.

30 min Q & A. Following the presentation you and your staff will have the opportunity to ask questions around the content and themes within the presentation.

Debrief call. Within one month after the presentation you will be entitled to a 30min call to discuss outcomes and ideas for implementation post presentation.


save $400
$3247lump sum
  • 14 days payment terms


2 x monthly installments
$1823per instalment
  • First instalment due day before, next due within 30 days.
  • You want to develop your people, and help them improve conversion and retention of customers
  • You would like a facilitated training experience that includes tangible, repeatable tools and methods that can be used afterward.
  • You want to break up the normal routine, boost morale and create some space for people to think differently.
Your choice of a Full day intensive workshop or five 90min modules.

Strategy session prior. You and I will sit down to discuss your broad business objectives and the role service needs to play in your business. This will make outcomes for the workshop clear.

Keynote. Kicking off the workshop will be a full keynote address to inspire and educate your staff on how service sets the best businesses apart.

Interactive Format. Understanding comes from action, the culture code uses a three phase methodology to ensure lessons stick: instruction – activity – reflection.

Mentor Method Manual. Each participant will walk away with an all inclusive workbook covering all exercises, and tools from the workshop for practice and ongoing implementation.

1 x 1:1 coaching session. Following the workshop, you and I will catch up to  discuss progress and ways to continue the focus following the workshop. Or anything else you would like to cover really 🙂

Discounted 1:1 coaching for staff.


Save $500
$3223per instalment
  • First instalment due day before, next due within 30 days.


4 x monthly instalments
$1736per instalment
  • First instalment due day before, subsequent instalments due at monthly intervals
  • You prefer a more staged process that both builds and assesses skill over time.
  • You value 1:1 coaching as a method for learning as much or more than conventional workshops.
  • You want to avoid the feeling that ‘this is a one off’ or ‘phase’ that your people don’t take seriously.
In house immersive Training Program consisting of five separate 90min workshops blended with 1:1 coaching.

Discovery Period: I will spend some time with you inside your organisation to better understand the context your staff operate within. This will help me ensure the content is framed in a timely and relevant manner.

Keynote: Kicking off the program will be a full keynote address to inspire and educate your staff on how superior service distinguishes the good from the great.

Interactive Format: Understanding comes from action, the culture code uses a three phase methodology to ensure lessons stick: instruction – activity – reflection.

3 x 1:1 sessions: in between each works


Performance plan: Using the knowledge gleaned from our interactions, plus the workshop. I will present to you a people and performance plan for your business centered around service excellence. This will help you maintain momentum and ensure staff

2 x 1:1 coaching sessions Following the workshop, you and I will catch up to  discuss progress and ways to implement the performance plan within your business. This will help you continue to cultivate the new culture and embed it within your organisation.

Discounted coaching rate for staff. Should your staff want additional support or guidance, they will be entitled to a 20% discount on my single session rate in perpetuity.

The cost of this program is dependent on the number of participants among other variables. Please schedule a discovery session or contact me to discuss.


I predominantly work with leaders of small the medium organisations in the private, not for profit and sporting sectors. The kind of person who benefits most from my approach is a lifelong learner, willing to do the work and able to question conventions.

I am based in Victoria, though I do travel interstate to complete training and coaching.

Yes. If you would like to discuss, please Contact me using the form below.

Yes. Please use the contact form below or give me a call to discuss: 0408650972

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