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My Story. 

I still remember the way he looked at me as he said it.

“You must be the new work experience kid are you? what school are you from?’

He was a champion at the top of his game, and though I was almost ten years younger, I was now his coach. In that moment I realised that all my qualifications, knowledge and even the experience I had built up until this moment meant nothing.

I used this moment as impetus for a new challenge. I knew that if I could not learn to become a leader, none of the athletes I was responsible for would follow my advice.  

Over the next ten years, and while working for some of the highest profile sports organisations in Australia I watched closely to learn what separated the best leaders, and their teams from the rest.

I immersed myself in as many learning experiences as I could to build the skillset, and mindset that would help me master the art of leading people and driving performance in high pressure, fast paced environments.

My continuing education led me to business school. As I completed my MBA I built the vocabulary and capability to translate my expertise to the corporate context.

As I transitioned from the sports world to the business world, once again I studied the successful to uncover patterns that might point to principles.

Over time and with experience working with organisations and individuals within large and small companies, across a wide variety of industries I have come to see that although context is specific, what powers performance is largely the same.

I've boiled it down to three simple principles. 

The Only Thing That Signifies Leadership is Followership

Great Teams Aren't Born. They're Built 

Every Individual is Capable of Excellence

Why Me? 

Many consultants peddle the same information, I don’t.

After taking time to understand your situation, I will give you real world in the trenches knowledge and practical, tangible tools. I am much more interested in tools than models. A model is useful, though inaccurate version of reality. A tool is something that can be taken away, tested, applied and refined to fit the context. Models help us think differently, while tools help us act differently.

My Credentials 

My Experience (Elite Sport)